Playground Design - Cambodia

The ideal is to produce a playground that is a balance of play experiences that develop physical, cognitive, sensory, and social skills for children of all ages and abilities.

Contact Toys Cambodia for help in laying out an efficient and exciting design that follows accessibility and safety guidelines to ensure you create a beautiful playground that is safe, fun and comfortable for all visitors. (Please see our blog entry for purchasing in Cambodia)

Get started by defining objectives for your play area:

What ages will the playground be primarily used for?

Already have a preferred surface in mind?Grass, turf, EPDM?

Color scheme?School colors or logo to match?

Are other site amenities needed such as waste bins, benches, shade? The amenities 'complete' the site and should not be overlooked. 

What are the characteristics of your site, both natural and man-made

Considerations: Is there a slope and/or natural surface, walking paths, drainage?

Drainage: in SE Asia the monsoon brings seasonally heavy rains for 6 months of the year. Many surfaces are slippery during or before/after a downpour. Additionally, the amount of water both transient and standing is a consideration when choosing an all-weather surface.

Design your site:

What ages it will accommodate?

separate areas for smaller kids and school-age kids?

A modern look or a themed playground set?

Additional spinners, swings, see-saws?

Will the design be one you can add to at a later time?


Do you need an entire crew of experienced installers?

Will there be a volunteer component?

Enjoy your playground space and be sure to follow-up with regular maintenance.