How to Buy Playground Equipment in Cambodia

The task of purchasing indoor and outdoor playground differs depending on usage, location, and price. A school would have different objectives from a family. For schools, churches, local or city governments and private businesses such as restaurants, for example, having the right playground equipment means that it needs to be durable to stand up to constant, everyday use.

In addition to the quality, the price must be right as well as people and institutions are increasingly price aware in these days of competitive internet pricing. Thus, one should look to those who provide wholesale prices for big ticket items such as outdoor playground.

How to Choose the Right Playground Equipment for Your Needs

The first order is to identify the right products for your users. In Cambodia, for the most part, this would be for children ages 2 to 10 years.

Indoor or Outdoor: Generally speaking, outdoor equipment is going to be exposed to the elements and therefore will need to be made of more durable materials. This is especially true for parks or schoolyards that may be subject to both sunlight and flooding.   

Area Size: How much room is available will also determine the size and number of swings, teeter-totters and other play equipment that will be needed or that will comfortably fit the space.

Color & Style: This is an important consideration as well since you want it to match the location and theme that you are trying to set as well. For larger orders we can custom make colors to fit the space, school, or company.

Where to Purchase Wholesale Playground Equipment in Cambodia?

ToysCambodia is the place to go for high quality equipment, indoor and outdoor, with the colors and styles that will complement your spaces.  ToysCambodia offers wholesale playground equipment from China which is very high quality but with industry best pricing.  

In addition to the equipment, you can select from different types of mats or turf that will provide much needed protection in case of falls or accidents. By paying attention to the flooring you provide a level of protection while offering children a wonderful place to play.

All you need to do is call or email ToysCambodia staff and your questions will be answered in an expedient manner. We will tell you have you can acquire excellent playground while at the same time saving money that can be used for other things. And no need to worry about installation as ToysCamboida can install nation-wide.

If your church, school, park system, charity or private business is looking to have high quality indoor or outdoor playground equipment, let the experts at ToysCambodia be your guide to the best that can be found in the country. Offering wholesale prices that will beat the competition, we provide for you the best in quality and service while offering products that will last for many years under normal use.

To request a detailed quote please address the following:

-     Indoor or outdoor

-     Age of children

-     Turf or grass setting

-     Preferred style

-     When you would like to have the equipment delivered 


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