Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR): Support a school in Cambodia

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Do your clients ask about Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) projects in Cambodia?

We at Toys Cambodia believe we can help your firm and your clients to grow social capital in a transparent manner. This will help to enhance your brand and the brand of your clients, engage customers, and inspire others to do more.

Specifically, the program will help local and international businesses operate in a way that benefits society and help improve public perception.

The playground CSR: In Cambodia the expensive private schools have the nicest, safest, most colorful playground equipment available. However, those who attend private schools are in the minority. We endeavor to provide international standard playground equipment to public schools, those that otherwise cannot afford it.

We can provide a list of candidate schools or you can provide to us.


1- Provide high quality equipment at most competitive price in Cambodia
2- Will install at the school
3- Provide pictures of installed equipment, plaque if necessary, and GPS location of school.
4- We will provide media (photos or video) so that your clients can post on their websites and social media portals.

Additionally, we can suggest an “Adopt a School” program for those who would like an on-going project. This would include indoor and outdoor playground, subsidize learning materials such as textbooks, and give scholarships to the poorest students.

We can help your firm or organization to cultivate and grow its social capital by focusing on activities that build upon your core business, enhance your brand, engage your customers, and inspire and empower your people.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the label assigned to the collective set of activities companies use to ensure that what they do is perceived as ethical, sustainable and generally having positive impact on their stakeholders and the communities within which they operate. 


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